Little Quack

by Drawrite

Written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Derek Anderson.

We are often invited to children’s Birthday parties and we’re quite clueless about what to give as gifts. Books usually make really good gifts but to pick in the influx doesn’t make it any easier. My mission is to understand the industry better and to have an insight what excites its primary audience.

After my post about ‘Ballyhoo Bay’, Derek Anderson has been high on my radar. Another trip to the local library and a friendly conversation with the children’s librarian there, I got hold of a couple more books with his work – ‘Little Quack’ and ‘Little Quack’s Hide and Seek’. These are written for ages 2-6 and teach simple mathematics (addition and subtraction) with the help of pictures. They are funny and entertaining with names and pictures that children can easily relate to.

The illustrations are expressive and, again, delightful. The characterization of Widdle, Waddle, Piddle, Puddle and Little Quack are great! The moment you look at Mama Duck, well you see a hip and caring and loving, Mama Duck.

There is a whole series for kids to enjoy!