Eric Carle

by Drawrite

Ages 2-6

Often while buying for little kids, the friendly bookstore staff would point me to books by Eric Carle. Not knowing too much or having the time to explore, I have, on their recommendation, even bought his books as gifts on more than one occasion. Quite curious, I borrowed a pile of his books from the library. One glance at the books, you see that he uses the collage technique (painted paper cut into shapes to form pictures) and makes bold, colorful and relatable images.


The books are often interactive, like ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’, which has progressive pages and you can see the caterpillar work its way through them. This book brought him international acclaim. They are often with sound, like ‘The Very Quiet Cricket’, which make the sound of a cricket when the text says “Then he rubbed his wings one more time. And this time  . . .”.  This makes them quite innovative and, in my opinion, fun.


The story line is imaginative, simple and charming. My favorite is ‘The Little Cloud’ because the little cloud is really creative. My other favorite is ’10 Little Rubber Ducks’ because the lost rubber duck is separated from the others of its kind but is united with a real mother duck and real ducklings. It just says ‘Squeak’ instead of ‘Quack’. Really, it does – the book has a little button for the children to press and a little ‘squeak’ comes out.


These are great read-aloud books and make very enjoyable gifts for toddlers.