Pancakes for Supper

by Drawrite

Written by Anne Isaacs and illustrated by Mark Teague

On their way to town, a little girl called Toby, topples off her parents’ wagon and lands high in a jungle. She gets threatened by wild animals one at a time and each time she wards them off by a little flattery and giving them one piece of her clothing (thankfully it is winter and she has a lot of layers on).

In the end, she gets all of her stuff back because the animals start fighting amongst themselves and the clothes come off. Her parents trace her and then the family devours a whole lot of pancakes.

Story wise, I liked the part where she has to sweet talk the wild animals but mostly it was very loosely written. For example, the presence of the family dog is quite pointless.

As far as the pictures are concerned, some of the frames are good. Especially the ones with the animals. But mostly, the pulp art inspiration doesn’t quite work here. Some of the drawings are just not done very well and Toby’s father has a skewed face almost everywhere he appears.

I am glad I didn’t have to spend money on this one.