Otter Moon

by Drawrite

Written and illustrated by Tudor Humphries. Ages 4-8.

Most of the children’s books I come across don’t even register. The ones that do are either really good or to be avoided. This one was a part of my bundle at the library last week. The cover art didn’t particularly impress me, with its ugly font and tacky photoshop effects, and honestly I wondered if I should even open it. Boy was I wrong.

The tale starts with Flibbertigibbet, or Flibberty, the otter looking for a great fish on silver dish for the King of the river. His adventures with his friend, the Heron, are gorgeously depicted. The watercolor illustrations are breathtaking and the story, almost poetic, flows beautifully.

An excerpt: “Then Night became Day, and for them – the King and Flibbertigibbet – Day became Night. And the great silver dish that Flibberty had searched for, for so long, turned slowly to gold.”

I’d buy this book in a heartbeat! Look inside some more.