by Drawrite

Illustrated by Blexbolex

Books like these make the uphill walk to the library worth my while. Being a picture person, I keep looking for inspiration and techniques to make an illustration work effectively. So, when I saw this on the shelf, my hands just reached for it. Maybe it was the screen/lino/wood printing effect or maybe it was the changing season. Whatever it was, I am glad for it.

Blexbolex or Bernard Granger is a French artist. His style comes across as layering different (modern and traditional) print making techniques to make spontaneous and exciting illustrations.

This particular book, Seasons, is a picture and a title per page. Kind of like a sketch book where the images appear very stand alone in the beginning. As the book progresses, the connection and the seasons become more evident. The pictures are fun, colorful, and easily relatable.

What I love most is that it works as a picture book for children, as a great collectors book for illustrators/artists, as a concept inspiration book, and as an awesome coffee table book.

At this stage of my life, I don’t feel the need to buy, hoard or collect stuff (unless it is jewelry, which I absolutely adore). But I absolutely had to have this one. Needless to say, I ordered my copy this morning!