The Frog with the Big Mouth

by Drawrite

Ages 2-6.

A huge smiley mouthed frog on the cover and I was very naturally attracted to this book cover. The Frog with the Big Mouth is a traditional South American tale retold by Teresa Bateman. The illustrations by Will Terry, done in acrylic, bring the story (and the rainforest) to life.

The little frog (“more mouth than body or brain”) devours an enormous fly and goes around boasting to each creature, big and small, he comes across. The introduction to the creatures of the rainforest and what they eat is given really well. For example, he comes across a ‘Toto Toucan’ and learns that it eats fruit and eggs and sometimes seeds. It also likes an occasional spider.

The other animals he meets (apart from the Toto Toucan) are Coati, Capybara, Jaguar. There is a paragraph at the end of the book about each of these animals which is helpful too. A really beautiful example of educational storytelling!