The Fox and the Hen

by Drawrite

Written and illustrated by Eric Battut. Ages 2-6.

I can’t really pinpoint why I liked this book. Perhaps because I thought it had a spontaneous element to it.

The story is about a naive hen, Henrietta, who has just laid her first egg and a cunning red fox who offers her a juicy worm in exchange for it. She gives it to him without realizing what she is doing and once she does, she wants it back. With the help of the other barn animals, she tries to convince the fox to trade the egg for the other offerings they bring him.

The storyline is simple and it is a great book to read aloud. The illustrations, done in acrylic, capture the animal personalities to imperfect perfection. Sometimes there is technical skill and sometimes there is just the spirit that makes a book likable. This is definitely an example of the latter.