Snook Alone

by Drawrite

Written by Marilyn Nelson and illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering. Ages 4-8.

The puppy face on the cover makes you want to pick this book up and know more about him. ‘Snook Alone’ is about a rat terrier who lives with his master, a monk called Abba Jacob. He catches rats and mice, keeps his master company while he prayed or ate or worked, and waits for the familiar rattling of his master’s battered old car.

During an expedition trip to a nearby island, they get caught in a storm. Snook gets lost while Abba Jacob escapes to safety. His experiences on the island without his master and the unfamiliarity of his new surroundings are captured beautifully in the illustrations.

Done in acrylic and ink, the drawings depict his loneliness, his wonder, his playfulness, his fear and his never giving up, to perfection. The roughness in the technique adds to the overall appeal of the story. The characterization is really well done and some of the frames are a treat for the eyes.