The Little Red Lighthouse and The Great Gray Bridge

by Drawrite

This year, we took the NY Waterway autumn criuse. Never mind the really bad hot chocolate and the equally sad munchkins that were a part of the package (both of which we threw out), the cruise itself was quite scenic. On the way back, under the George Washington Bridge, we saw the Little Red Lighthouse and the captain mentioned the iconic book.

This is a children’s story, by Hildegarde H. Swift, about the very proud little red lighthouse that was built in 1880 on the bank of the Hudson River. It spoke to the boats and the canoes and the ships and they felt safe when they saw its flashing lights. It was the “master of the river”. Then one day workmen came and started digging and slowly a huge bridge was built making the lighthouse feel really small. What happens next is a beautiful message about how everyone, big or small, is important and has a role to play.

Done in watercolor the illustrations, by Lynd Ward, are powerful, effective and absolutely gorgeous. They have a ‘cute’ element to them that lends a lot of character and human element to the lighthouse, the boats, the storm and the bridge.

As beautiful as the lighthouse sighting was, this book brings its story to life.