Flora’s Very Windy Day

by Drawrite

Written by Jeanne Birdsall and illustrated by Matt Phelan. Ages 4-8.

To me, if there is charm, movement and spontaneity in the illustrations, it is half the battle won in producing a successful picture book. For kids, who are just about learning to read, they relate to the visuals with more ease.

This book is about a big sister, Flora, who is quite exasperated with her meddlesome, little brother, Crispin. Their very tired mother sends them outside to play. Flora as her heavy red boots but poor Crispin (being so tiny and so devoid of the heavy red boots) is blown away by the wind. Her big sister instinct kicks in and she kicks off her heavy red boots so the wind can carry her away too and she can save her brother.

One by one they come across a dragonfly, a sparrow, a rainbow, a cloud, an eagle, the moon and the wind itself, who want to take her brother away from her. She doesn’t allow it and the wind is forced to return them to their home.

This sibling storyline is beautiful and the illustrations depict the childhood and the sequence of events in the most charming way.