Art and Illustration

New home


I recently redesigned my website. My blog has a new home.
I will occasionally update this space as well but meanwhile, please visit the website and let me know what you think. Looking forward to your comments!

My Etsy store is open for business. I am available for commissions so let’s get in touch. I can also be reached on 201.961.5611 or navina@studiotikli.com.

Seamless Leaf Pattern


Seamless Leaf Pattern. When it is ever so slightly chilly.


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Seamless Parrots and Mangoes

Parrots and Mangoes! ‘Tis not the Season. But hey, whatcha gonna do!


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Seamless Elephant Pattern

Seamless Elephant Pattern. The inspiration comes from everything in India being bright, colorful, larger than life, repeating and reinforcing!


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Seamless Crow Pattern

Seamless Crow Pattern. The Crow is not the official national bird of India but it might as well be.


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Hedgehog Flag


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Happy Bear Family


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